Cedar Rapids, IA
October 10-12, 2014

Overland Park, KS
May 1-3, 2015

2014 Fall Convention - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Paramount Theatre

Singing Order / Draw
Friday Quartet Draw
Saturday Morning Chorus Draw

Convention Schedule of Events (tentative)
Online | Word Doc | PDF

Individual Housing Reservation On-Line Form

Fall Convention/Cedar Rapids Area & Hotel Locations Map

Online Convention Registration
(1-9 people)
PDF Convention Registration (adobe acrobat reader required)
(1-9 people)
Chorus/Group Registration (microsoft excel required)
(10+ people)
PDF of Registration Information Letter
(as seen below)

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Spring Quartet - Semi-Finals
Spring Quartet - Finals
Spring Chorus Results
Spring Collegiate Results
Spring Senior Quartet - Finals

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2014 Fall Convention Housing Information

Individual Housing Reservation On-Line Form

Fall Convention/Cedar Rapids Area & Hotel Locations Map
PDF of Fall Convention Housing Information (as seen below)

2014 Fall Convention Registration Information

Online Convention Registration (1-9 people)
PDF Convention Registration (adobe acrobat reader required) (1-9 people)
Chorus/Group Registration (microsoft excel required) (10+ people)
PDF of Registration Information Letter (as seen below)

2014 Fall Convention Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Housing Information

We are all excited about the “fast” approaching 2014 Fall Convention in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This year the convention is hosted by the “Harmony Hawks”.
We need to be aware of some of the housing logistics that are confronting us.

  1. The Double Tree is our Headquarters. We will draw for rooms. The cut off for the draw is August 15, 2014. Get your reservation requests in, to be eligible for the draw.
  2. We are using 9 different hotels. Therefore, we cannot assure that all groups will stay together. We also cannot assure that you can receive your choice of hotel.
  3. There is an Iowa Hawkeye home game against Indiana and it is homecoming. The two college teams will be staying in some of the same hotels we are using. This also means that rooms are a premium demand. If you wait until the last minute to reserve a room, you may not be able to find one. This is why you need to get your reservations to CSD Housing Chairman no later than September 9th. Lodging requests received after this date cannot be guaranteed of receiving a room in the CSD block or at the discounted rate.
  4. Our venue is the newly renovated Paramount Theater in Downtown Cedar Rapids. Parking will be limited. There are 2 ramps that will hold about 1300 vehicles near the Double Tree. There is parking available on the streets in the downtown.

We would like to remind everyone that we have secured a block of about 405 rooms. However, we are limited to how long we can hold them due to some circumstances beyond our control. It is important that you get your reservations in early. Go to the CSD website and submit your reservation. There will be information listed for the hotels we are using including rates and room types. If you want to stay in the Double Tree, get your reservation in before August 15, 2014. That will get you in the “draw” for rooms at HQ hotel

2014 Fall Convention Registration Information

We have three ways to pre-register for this great convention.  Please note that early discounts end on September 24 , 2014.  The earlier you register, the closer to the stage will be your seat. 

  1. Registration on line.  Go to www.centralstatesdistrict.com  to the Convention button.  Click the Reservation & Registration button.  Click the “ONLINE CONVENTION REGISTRATIONS 1-10 PEOPLE.  This will allow you to register and then pay with PayPal.  Please make sure you fill in all the blanks on the Registration form before you SUBMIT.  If you have problems with the registration, or do not receive a message from me within 4 days, please email me at bbscsd@windstream.net
  2. Registration by mail.  Copy the PDF file or the magazine registration form, fill out and mail with your check to:  Lonnie Miner, Convention Registrar, 519 South Chicago Ave, Hastings, NE 68901.  I will not respond to your registrations by mail unless you send your email address.  Checks must be cleared before registration is completed.
  3. Groups of 10 or more.  Please use the Excel registration form.  There are several notes that will pop up when you click on the boxes to be filled out.  Please follow these instructions included in the form.  These groups may email the form to me at bbscsd@windstream.net  and I will reply within 4 days.   Please have one person pay for these registrations with one chapter/quartet check.  Checks must be cleared before registration is completed.  Registrations on this form must include the expiration date of all members.

Please remember to check with Bill Phelps for your housing reservation on the left.

2014 Fall Convention Official Panel
Contest Administrator

Associate Contest Administrator

Presentation Category
Singing Category
Music Category

David Bowen, LOL
Lakeville, MN

Bob Swenson, CSD
Manhatten, KS
Barry Towner, ONT
Zephyr, Ont
Dale Comer, CSD
Greenville, SC
Joe Cerutti, MAD
Alexandria, VA
Kevin Dunckel, JAD
Reynoldsburg, OH
Brian Barford, JAD
Westchester, OH
Steve Tramack, NED
Nashua, NH
John Mallet, ONT
Toronto, Ont
Mark Stock, JAD
Hilliard, OH
Kyle Kitzmiller, CAR
Indianapolis, IN

2014 Fall Convention Guest Judges
Contest Administrator
Singing Category
Music Category

Gary Weddel, CSD
Wayne, NE

*Steve Scott, CSD
Lawrence, KS
Theo Hicks, CAR
Noblesville, IN
*Eric Dalbey, CSD
University City, MO
Peter Maddeaux, LOL
St. Paul, MN
*Jerry Garrard, CSD
Paola, KS

*indicates Quartet Contest Only


Jerry Forbes 

Phillip VanDyke


John Marshall

John Marshall  

Enjoy the “Best Seat in the House” at This Year’s Fall Convention
(With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy)
  • If you’ve ever wondered about why a quartet or chorus made or didn’t make the Top Five at District Contest….you might be a candidate for the Best Seat in the House!
  • If you’ve ever thought about how a judging panel scores a contest or what a quartet or chorus sounds like from the judging pit….you might be a candidate for the Best Seat in the House!
  • If you’ve ever thought that judging a contest looks interesting but weren’t sure about what was involved….you might be a candidate for the Best Seat in the House!
  • And finally, if you’ve wanted to get a “judges’-eye view” without having to go through the whole application, screening, and training process….you might be a candidate for the Best Seat in the House!

As a way to open the doors of the judging community to a wider audience and to generate increased interest in the BHS Judging program, the Central States District, in conjunction with Harmony Foundation International, is auctioning off a seat in the judging area (aka 'the pit') for each contest session and post-contest evaluations. The process is simple:  anyone who is interested (BSITH is open to barbershoppers, spouses, Significant Others, pretty much anyone) enter their bids for one or multiple contest sessions via the Best Seat in the House (BSITH) website (http://www.bestseat.org).  Winning bidders are notified once bidding ends for a particular district’s convention (for CSD, that will be sometime after October 2nd).  The money from your winning bid goes to Harmony Foundation International and is used to resource the Foundation’s mission to support and share the gift of singing.  Your participation in the BSITH promotion is a great way to help Harmony Foundation International further its outreach and education endeavors and have an enjoyable learning experience at the same time. 
If you submit the winning BSITH bid for one or more contest sessions, you receive the following:
•   A reserved seat in the judging area;
•   A name tag identifying you as a BSITH Guest Judge for the Fall Contest;
•   A full set of judging scoresheets for your selected category;
•   A Post-contest feedback chart that shows where your scores stacked up against those of a fully trained and Society-certified judging panel sent to you after the convention;
•   Access to the Judges’ Green Room, including all meal(s) and break(s) associated with your contest session(s) (spouses/SOs may attend the Saturday night dinner at their expense);
•   Opportunity to attend all post-contest evaluations with competing quartets and choruses;
•   The opportunity to interact with, learn from, and be mentored by members of the judging panel for your category.

The BSITH Web address is:  http://www.bestseat.org/.  Log in or create an account, then select the link bar for the 2014 CSD Fall Convention to submit your bid(s).  Minimum opening bid is $50, with raises in $5 increments.  You may bid on more than one contest session if desired.  Still not sure?  Then take a look at Lunch Break Bari KJ McAleesejergins’ video about BSITH.  If that doesn’t sell you, please read Andrew Kvasnica’s comments about his BSITH experience from the Spring 2013 Convention.  Happy bidding!

In harmony,

Philip VanDyke
BSITH Manager, CSD Fall 2014 Convention


June 29 - July 6: Las Vegas International Convention
Las Vegas, NV

January 6 - January 11: Midwinter Convention
New Orleans, LA
June 28 - July 05: Pittsburgh International Convention
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July 3 - July 10: Nashville International Convention
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July 2 - July 9: Minneapolis International Convention
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July 1 - July 8: Orlando International Convention
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June 30 - July 7: Salt Lake City International Convention
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October 10-12: Paramount Theatre & DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Cedar Rapids, IA


May 1-3: Overland Park, KS
October 9-11: Overland Park Convention Center
Overland Park, KS

April 22-24: Kearney submitted bid; Evaluation in progress.
Kearney, NE
October 7-9: Multiple bids and inquiries. Possibly returning to Cedar Rapids or Des Moines.
Cedar Rapids, IA/Des Moines, IA/??

April 21-23:
October 13-15: St. Charles considering bid.
St. Charles, MO


November 7 & 8: Missouri Western State University
St. Joseph, MO


January 23 &24: HEP School